Anchoring Into Your True Self: The Power Flip

If you’d like all of your activities to resonate with the inspiration and power of your authentic self, then anchoring into your True Self must be a top priority. In this article I describe “the power flip” which gives you access, more and more over time, to your best self energies and the ability to learn from drama.

“The flip” can be simply described as a shift in perception and experience that leads you from stuck and limited possibility where you are at the mercy of your circumstances, to experiences of liberation and infinite opportunity where you are the creator of your reality. It’s a shift from fear and scarcity beliefs, to love and abundance based thinking and living.

You can learn about this process of shifting from fear to love in my articles “Have You Made The Flip?” where I describe a “continuum of flipping” which will lead you to new experiences of reality where eventually you can “Put Your Fears To Rest Once and For All.” Ah, the relief of living in a world of possibility free from problems and fears!

If you’d like to skip these articles, “the flip” can be quickly understood using the True Self center of the IAMX Compass. It’s the first step of IAMX that I use with clients for creating consciousness about how to extricate yourself from the source of your challenges and problems by powerfully anchoring into your Best Self while also being aware of what Drama has to teach you.

For example, I recently spent a full day working with a group of executives on their True Self Leadership, discussing how they could lead their business to perform at its best, by embracing both their Drama (fears and scarcity beliefs) and their Best Selves (love and abundance thoughts in the form of values, strengths, and motivations). The more you shift from a Drama perspective to Best Self awareness, the more you can shift Drama from being a problem to a useful opportunity.

Once you are conscious or aware of the continuum between your Drama self and your Best Self identity, you can make the choice to shift or transform from one to the other at will.

You can take as long as you want to make “the flip;” I like to describe this as the “hero’s journey of coming home” where lots of wisdom is generated along the way. For example, in a shift from work that you hate to work that you love, you will likely come face to face with your fears about money. Taking time to learn from these challenges creates priceless experience and knowledge.

Other times it’s useful to be quick about “the flip.” For example, when you’re about to meet with a new customer or make a presentation and your pesky doubts about yourself are getting in the way of being clear headed. Or your hero’s wanderings might bring you back to the same fears over and over again and you’re ready to @#$ crush and dominate these annoyances (just kidding), actually I mean have compassion with your Drama and firmly put it in perspective. These situations are perfect for what I like to call “the power flip.” Here’s how it works:


Develop a consistent practice of centering in your Best Self. Know what it FEELS like to be calm, centered, trusting the flow of your being. Your centering could include meditation, listening to music, being in nature, dancing with friends, doing exercise you enjoy, or the like. One of my clients is a college basketball referee – he stays in the zone being a referee! Whatever you choose, you want it to feel good.


Use a practice of “taking a baseline” to notice when you’re in Drama and when you’re in your Best Self. Be sure to notice your breath – it’s the best indicator you have of the state of your being. Just doing a baseline can create a “power flip,” if Drama isn’t too overwhelming, and you use deep breathing to relax and shift into your Best Self center.


When Drama is big, tune into the FEELING of it. Feel the discomfort fully. Breathe deeply to help you fully feel the emotional trigger you’re experiencing and let it move through your body. If you feel stuck in the Drama, and this is very common, use a tool like EFT to help move the stuck energy, or do some physical exercise to move the energy. The goal is NOT to make the Drama go away. Rather, the goal is to be non-judgmental and non-resistant so you can welcome and be curious about what’s going on. You can get amazing information about what you want and your passions from Drama. It’s useful!


When your experience of Drama is at its peak of intensity, tell the truth about your Best Self. This truth can be expressed as an “I AM statement…” such as “I AM the Power and Presence of my Best Self.” Or “I AM capable, confident, and curious, leading others to be their Best Selves.” Don’t rush this step. Speak your truth when the contracted energy of the trigger has played out and you’ve relaxed, when you feel ready to open to being more of your Best Self.


Anchor into your Best Self by reclaiming your power. You can do this with a statement like: “I reclaim my power NOW!”


Relax and open into the your Best Self energy more and more. You can do this with a statement like: “I FEEL infinite energy to create anything I want!”


Express appreciation. You do this with a statement like: “I appreciate now how amazing it was to create this situation.”

The last 3 steps really are quick and easy; they should be stated out loud with as much conviction as you can muster. It’s the first 4 steps that lay the foundation for this to be possible. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of step 1, centering.

I personally meditate every day to take care of centering in step 1. I have steps 2 – 7 written on a 3 X 5 card that sits on my desk where I can easily pull it out as needed. I think adding it as a note on my phone would be a good idea as well!

Used in the right situations, the power flip is an essential process to use to make sure you’re living your essential best life!

If you have questions or comments about how to use the power flip, please share those below. Thanks!