Make Your Work More
Meaningful & Profitable
at the Same Time

Operate at a higher level where you can:

purposeful Productivity

Being Well Inside & Out

Sustainable Growth

Not (Just) Bigger — Smarter

Deeper Meaning

Aligned & Integrated

Getting in Your Own Way?

Imposter Syndrome

Is keeping up with appearances getting in the way of the right work getting done?

Team Dysfunction

Is conflict and turnover making you doubt your ability to be a destination employer?


Is the sheer will to stay on top of things losing ground to the tyranny of incessant requests?

Let Us Be Your Guide

We understand how it feels to be completely exhausted, to feel like you keep moving, but aren’t getting anywhere.

Nobody should have to sacrifice health and happiness in order to be more productive.

We’ve engineered a practical and disciplined process, the IAMX Compass, that scales for individuals, teams, and organizations — that enables everyone to be brilliant.

“The IAMX Compass has allowed us to clarify everyone’s wants and act on them, instead of trying to force people to do things. We use the Compass in almost every meeting to help us clarify why we’re doing something and create buy-in with less push back.”
Rob Hall
President, Parmatech

How It Works

Step 1

Get Prepared

IAMX icon

See the extent to which you know your True Self. Know the drama that’s getting in the way of your meaningful AND profitable work.

Step 2

Get Oriented

get oriented with IAMX enroll with our true self course, icon

Enroll in the True Self course and get ready for the ride of your life. It will help you get control of your current situation and get centered.

Step 3

Get Moving

get moving, call us, icons

Now you’re ready for your first strategy session! Give us a call; we’ll teach you how to use the Compass to get where you want to be.

Online Course for Holistic Leaders
Next Cohort: Starts Spring 2024

Define Your True Self

8 Weeks to a More Powerful, Holistic You

As the world becomes more complex and chaotic it’s important to:

  • Get control of your life, career, and future
  • Be part of the solution and foster positivity
  • Embrace mindfulness in a “burnout-free” work environment

Why We’re Different

We’re not afraid of big feelings — yours or ours — and we’re masterful at turning them into meaningful signs, learning steps, and “done” destinations.

“What?” and “why?” questions are important, but it’s “who are you?” that defines your capacity, gets you past roadblocks — and creates the real change you want.

Yes, we love being lean and agile, but not by drowning in tactics & analysis. We tap into all of your intelligences so you can build greater discipline, capacity, and wholeness.

We honor both new and ancient wisdom. This connects you to your natural rhythms and the world around you, so you no longer have to rely on pure force of will.

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