Hello there, Leader!

I’m Karen Tax, the creator of IAMX.

At IAMX, we provide leadership tools, online learning, and coaching that turns your most difficult challenges into beautiful opportunities.

For over 20 years we've guided thought leaders into C-suite roles, built leadership at all levels, while also creating cultures where everyone wins.

My Story

Not Your Typical software Engineer Worker-Bee

I started my career as a software engineer.

I loved the precision, rationality, and immediacy of the work. I also loved my technical colleagues.

They were brilliant, irreverent, and quirky.

At my last programming job, I grew frustrated that we couldn’t create a healthier work environment.

I saw too many people saying one thing, and doing another.

Seeking More

becoming a Corporate Change Agent

And so I began a quest to create change.

I got a Masters in Organization Development at American University.

I began consulting and became an internal HR business partner at Nortel Networks where I applied everything I had learned.

Again, I landed with a brilliant group of colleagues. I worked at Nortel for 6 years on what, in hindsight, was like trying to turn the Titanic.

Nortel, a business of 100,000 employees worldwide and $30 billion in annual sales eventually went bankrupt. Many of us saw the chaos and pending failure.

HR at Nortel was leading edge, but it was not enough.

The Wake-Up Call

Rational Change Doesn’t Work

From these experiences I learned that:

  1. Primarily rational approaches to leadership and change are too slow, too complicated, and too analytical to be effective, and
  2. Real change requires both personal and systemic shifts, which led me to…

The Light Bulb Moment

Real Change Needs Coaching

Coaching is where I saw real whole-person change happening, quickly and in real time.

Being coached and coaching others led me personally to confront my own deepest, darkest demons.

It also professionally allowed me to explore the nether reaches of “woo woo” where no software engineer would imagine finding herself!

Lastly, I learned critical soft skills and translated them into practical applications in the workplace.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Developing the iamx leadership tools

In my own business I spent several years working with clients and perfecting a process that is holistic, simple, and effective.

This approach is built on a combination of my academic training, corporate experience with organizational development, deep personal transformation, and confirmed results:

  1. a happy marriage,
  2. happy children,
  3. a successful business and
  4. successful clients.

IAMX is a balanced, reliable, and honest path for everyone to be passionately engaged and authentically brilliant at work.

It catalyzes work experiences where not only teamwork, innovation, and creativity flourish, but systems also evolve.

This results in greater productivity, sustainable growth & profits, and deeper meaning.

IAMX is a win-win approach for both individuals and organizations to thrive.

The Present Day

Not Your Typical Coach-Consultant

Early on in my work adventure, I made the decision to strike out on my own.

Nortel’s demise made me realize that breaking free from “old stories” of power, authority, leadership, and traditional ways of working could not be found in traditional approaches.

I chose not to join a consulting firm.

I chose not to join academia.

I chose not to be ICF certified as a coach.

Instead, I wanted to be free to discover what actually worked to create real change.

I let my work with clients inform and guide me based on real world experiences and what we learned together.

What I’m sharing now is a new story of what’s possible by including both the best of tradition and transcending its limitations.

My Vision

Building true wealth through authenticity

My ultimate desire is for everyone who touches IAMX to see and feel it as their IAM and to be intimately enriched by that experience.

I want you to build confidence in your ability to  earn a living doing what you authentically love and have tremendous influence in the process.

Together, we are creating a world where everyone is their IAM, sparking each other's IAM: IAMX

May the adventure continue with you!