What We Value

Values are like an immune system

Different individuals and organizations need different immune functioning based on who you are and what you’re up to...

Our values support us in being extraordinarily creative, on the leading edge of human evolution, transforming the way we work and live so everyone can be their best.


the fire of innovation

We believe that there are no walls to confine us — we have the ability to go wherever we want to go, and at whatever time.

Freedom is the true pleasure of life.


Be clear about who you are

We are disciples unto ourselves. When we are conscious of who we are, everything else becomes easier. This is because what we come from is what we end up creating.


move straight to learning

We do not waste time struggling with what is — instead, we hold a very deep sense of rightness with it all.


Flow happens with a clear container

A simple pristine space, both externally and internally, allows for open-hearted connections to happen genuinely. There is no angst in the air, no sense of anxiety.


the soil of creativity

While we do value order, we realize that “messy” cannot and should not be avoided — it’s about being at peace with our human nature and stopping our war with it. We can only get to the pristine heartspace by being in right relationship with it all.