Put Your Fears To Rest Once And For All

The Shift

There is a change taking place that is as radical as the shift away from believing the world is flat. It’s the move away from living in scarcity and fear, to living in abundance and love.

It took a long time for humanity to let go of beliefs based on the limits of human travel to know that we live on a spherical planet orbiting gracefully in a solar system, within a galaxy that is one of many, and that we are a part of a vast universe…

Our current shift will also take time, but compared to our earlier shift from ignorance about the nature of the universe, it is happening much more quickly.

Are you aware of this shift? Are you taking part? Do you realize that this shift can support you in putting your doubts and fears to rest, once and for all? That it can result in everything in your life happening with more joy and ease?

About a year ago, I wrote a blog article called “Have You Made the Flip?” that discussed this shift as a change in your perception of reality and how it impacts your work. Today I have clarity about what is possible when you “make the flip” that I didn’t have a year ago. I’m delighted to share this insight with you.

Mini Flips

As a brief review, “the flip” I discussed previously is actually what I would now call a series of “mini flips.” A “mini flip” is what happens when you transform an experience of Drama into claiming a rediscovered aspect of your Essential Best, also known as your Soul, your powerful Self, or your IAM.

It’s what happens when you realize what you don’t want and then use that information to more clearly know what you do want.

It’s what happens when you move from over-giving and overwhelm to living with ease.

It’s a shift from “either/or” Drama thinking, to a “both/and” perspective that the True Self Process guides us to:

Ultimately it’s an experience of moving from feeling powerless to being powerful, not at the expense of others but instead powerful as sourced by the true loving and abundant nature of your Self and the Universe.

What happens then, when you make a whole bunch of “mini flips?” So many, that the sunshine of your Best Self is no longer obscured by the clouds of Drama? What is truly possible?

Bunches of Mini Flips Lead To…

Imagine what it was like when people believed the Earth was dome-shaped (it’s unlikely many believed it was actually flat). People had many hints about the true nature of the Earth’s structure, but neither the experience nor the perspective to know for sure.

The same is true about “the shift” of our times: “mini flips” give us hints and clues about what’s possible but we can’t know for sure until we gain enough experience and perspective to see clearly what’s possible. Or an explorer comes back from her adventures to share what she’s seen and experienced!

Without the clouds of Drama, this is what’s possible:

You will 100% break free from the burden of your fears and doubts.

Can you imagine?! Please do! I assure you, living this way is possible! And the view from the ‘other side’ is nothing short of magnificent, awesome, and miraculous.

All it takes is a willingness to face your fears, persistence with your process of transformation, trust in a path of fun and ease (struggle and suffering with Drama), a whole lot of faith and surrender, and a little help from your friends.

Yes, I make light of what it takes to break free from fear and Drama. I don’t want to trivialize the effort; this path is not for the faint of heart! At the same time, the sooner you start having fun and not taking things so seriously, the sooner you’ll have access to what you really need for the journey of transformation.

A Culmination of Flips Will Break You Free

The Flip is what happens when you do enough transformational play to put your doubts and fears completely to rest. This diagram shows what it looks like:

Let’s take a look at both sides of the flip…


Pre-flip, you continue to experience limitations, you see yourself as the opposite of who you really are, and it’s common to encounter resistance and blocks to achieving your goals.


You won’t experience true abundance (money, time, love) without a huge cost. Your abundance is measured by what you have, and the balance of your financial accounts. The source of your abundance is work and the ability to make money related to your talents and skills.

Personally, I couldn’t get rid of this nagging feeling that something was missing or wrong or that I still hadn’t done enough. Are you feeling this way?

Pre-flip, you experience what happens as inevitable and ‘how it will be for you.’ You may struggle to let go of the ‘reality of what is’ as defining what’s possible. You look outside of yourself for solutions, expecting that what others have done to create success will produce similar results for you. You judge yourself and others based on traditional definitions of success, not on what you really want.

Pre-flip is what you experience when you continue to identify with Drama, when you believe that the observable / physical world is the only truth you can trust, and ultimately when you see yourself as separate from your essential and Universal life-force energy. You are literally playing with the illusion of separation from your Best Self.

What’s The Point?

In the early stages of being a conscious creator of your experience, it’s typical to wonder why the heck you create Drama in the first place. If you are such a powerful creator, why would you create pre-flip experiences?

You create Drama and the illusion of separation to:

  • Evoke intense feelings of desire that fuel your passions and creative energies.
  • See the true nature of who you really, via contrast with who you are not.

In other words, pre-flip experiences happen to inspire creation and so you see yourself more clearly!

Before you are aware of the difference between pre-flip and post-flip perspectives, it’s difficult to see the benefits of Drama. Instead, you believe you are at the mercy of Life, which can seem randomly unfair and merciless.

Once you remember that you are a creator, you can more easily see the brilliant and beautiful purpose of Drama, and more and more as the clouds part.

Without the perspective of The Flip, you might think that Drama is all about struggle or ‘toxic’ people. Or worse yet, you may be reluctant to admit that you are suffering or unhappy. Wanting to avoid Drama at any cost is common during the transition out of pre-flip living.

It’s important to remember that our human experience serves as the experimental territory that is the leading edge of the expansion and evolution of the Universe. From that perspective, all that happens is good!


Post-flip is what you experience when you reclaim your power from what you perceive as limitation, whether that’s people, circumstances, or situations. You see the Truth of your Best Self nature and how your Consciousness of this Truth creates your outer experiences. You see how any perceived limitation is simply a remnant from the illusion of separation designed to reveal yet another aspect of your IAMX.


You experience abundance first as love, fun, joy, ease, delight, play, and creativity. This energy then spills over into the quality of your relationships and the support you see from Life in every moment of the day, including your finances. There is no price to pay for this abundance; it is not the result of your efforts or hard work. Abundance is freely given to you, and this is also true for all of Life.

Post-flip you completely stop comparing yourself to others. You don’t worry about measuring-up, or pleasing, or keeping up with others. Yes, you look at people and situations outside of yourself for inspiration and guidance. Relationships are a beautiful source of creative energy! Eventually you realize that there is no relationship between what happens to you and others.

Ultimately, you learn to custom create your career path, your relationships and family, and your Life based on your personal and unique Truth.

You have claimed your IAMX identity post-flip to the point that the Life-force energy inside of you is your source of reality. You know all is well now. You have reunited with your essential self, with IAMX. You feel alive and passionately engaged in each moment. External / physical realities are an interesting and playful reflection of your Consciousness – the awareness you have of your IAMX.

Post-flip, you stop looking outside of yourself for proof that everything is OK. Any Drama that you do experience (and that shifts from struggle to play) is simply interesting information about ways you are still fueling a belief pattern of separation or limitation. You treasure these moments of Drama because they are like discovering gold! They are the pathway to discovering more of your IAMX!

From Scarcity to Abundance

Flipping creates a radical shift in perception about yourself, other people, the world, and your daily strategies. The process will push every single emotional trigger you have that is getting in the way of your Truth.


In the beginning it’s common to feel overwhelmed, and uncomfortable. You can expect this as part of the journey! (This is when it’s great to have support.)

At the same time, part of you looks at the reality of abundance and you think, “Of course, I’ve always known this!” Then why can it be so hard to make the shift?

Most of the world is still living in the old paradigm, believing that Drama is the only reality that can be trusted, that is “real.” The truth of IAMX and abundance is available in every moment, and can be 100% the nature of your reality if you commit to your process of transformation.

I also know how disorienting and discouraging it is, to be in the middle of ‘the shift’ and not able to see the light at the proverbial end of the tunnel.

My intention with this article is to give you a view of the big picture, to describe what’s possible, so you know that all of your efforts in making the shift to an abundance reality are worthwhile. Nothing is more important! Patience and persistence are key. And a ‘breakthrough’ destination does exist!

Ultimately, you have two choices:

  1. Continue to play the scarcity game.
  2. Break free from fear once and for all.

Are you ready to finally break free?