Selling your soul for profit is not inevitable if you work from True North.

To work from your True North, the following individual aspects of yourself need to align with the place or places you work:

  • VALUES: Align with the people you are working with.
  • STRENGTHS: Align with the core competencies of your role.
  • MOTIVATIONS: Align with the purpose your work is serving.

Working From True North Creates Aligned Energy

I know, you're probably thinking but where can I find a place like that to work? Or if you're a senior leader you may find yourself too busy to create a workplace that aligns in this way!

The problem with finding True North oriented workplaces is not that they don't exist, it's that most people have never learned how to create their work this way, or their workplaces. They do exist, and you can contribute to there being more!

True North Orientation, along with the rest of the IAMX Compass, guides you to aligned energy at work: IAMX workplaces.

Now is the Time to Create IAMX Workplaces!

Knowing and aligning the True North of individuals, teams, and organizations is critical work needed to align the passionate engagement and the potentiated energy of everyone in a collective endeavor.

At IAMX workplaces:

  • Everyone is working at their best, most of the time.
  • Everyone is consistently winning; there are no losers.
  • Everyone is generating a healthy Return On Investment (ROI) in both life-force energy and profit.

IAMX True North Orientation works because there is a synergistic, natural flow of life-force energy that is created when we orient from True North.

The Elements of True North Energy Flow

True North Elements Defined


Strengths are a combination of natural talent, knowledge, experience, and skills.  As defined in the book, “Now, Discover Your Strengths,” strength is a “consistent near perfect performance in an activity.”

Examples of strengths:  Connectedness (identifies with others and bridges gaps between people), Maximizer (notices what people do well and brings out their best).


Values are those things that are most important and meaningful to us. They can be expressed through feelings and/or actions.

Examples of values: integrity, humor, trust, excellence, family.


Motivations are the feelings of aliveness or inspiration we experience when our emotions are engaged.

Examples of motivations: resolving a workplace issue, creating opportunity for people in need, providing for our family, launching a new technology, learning something fun and new.

True North Synergies


When we apply our strengths aligned with our motivations, we contribute to others from our Best Self. We become clearer about the ways we want to give our energies that are in integrity with who we are, and who we’re becoming and what will have the most impact for others.


When we align our motivations with our values, we’ll feel a spark of inspiration and creativity. We experience a return on investment or ROI on the energy we contribute, in the form of being engaged, alive, healthy, and nourished energetically by our contributions.


When we find ways to use our values in alignment with our strengths, and synergize with our motivations, we experience meaning, fulfillment, or significance in what we do.

Tend to Your True North Energy

The more we tend to our True North energy, the more charismatic and attractive we will become, and things that support our creative expression and greatest contributions will naturally happen.

You will tend to your True North by saying 'yes' to life-nourishing activities, and 'no' to life-depleting work, guided by knowing your values, strengths and motivations.

  • Tend to your values and you will be clear.
  • Tend to your strengths and you will be confident.
  • Tend to your motivations and you will be courageous.

Create Work That is Meaningful and Profitable

IAMX True North Orientation allows you to create work that is meaningful and profitable at the same time, by staying in integrity with your IAMX Best Self, while also bringing out the best of the people you work with.

IAMX True North is a leadership tool you can use to create IAMX workplaces.

IAMX True North requires a foundation in True Self Leadership, which is the center of the IAM Compass:

IAMX Compass

What questions do you have about True North Orientation?