Yes, loyalty and ‘a job for life’  are things of the past, but what kind of safety can you now create that will assure your work is in-demand, valued, and valuable?

Passionate engagement IS the new job security.
I like to think of it as much more than job security though. It applies whether you’re in a traditional job, you work as an entrepreneur, or even if you are student. (If you’re passionately engaged in learning, that WILL translate into passionate work after graduation.)
The tricky part about passionate engagement is that no one, and I mean NO ONE but you can make it happen. It’s what happens when you know who you are, you’re constantly exploring who you are becoming, and you will settle for nothing less than work that ‘calls forth’ your most brilliant, engaged self.

I’m calling this post ‘Part 1’ because I have a article/book that will be published soon on the topic of passionate engagement in work. That article will be part 2 of this topic! For now, I wanted to share some slides I put together for a speech I recently gave…

See an abbreviated version of my speech below to find out:

1 why passionate engagement is so important (especially if we are to renew the economy),
2 the single thing that will surely destroy your passion,
3 what kind of environment is needed to foster your full engagement, and
4 what YOU can do to develop it within yourself.

The following is critical information if you are:

1 considering a new direction in your career,
2 currently in a job search and want to know what to look for in a ‘passion friendly’ workplace,
3 looking to make the most of your current situation,
4 seeking the key to effective entrepreneurial endeavors.  (You do NOT want to start a business that kills your passion!)

Essential Career Development: Why Passionately Engaged People Are The Key To A Renewed Economy

Are you passionately engaged in your work? What could you do to move toward greater passion in your work?

Is your workplace supportive of passionate engagement? If not, what could you do about that?!

And let me know if you have ANY questions or comments about the slides included here!