Watch the video on this page to learn about why it’s important to shift into your powerful self when you work with dinosaurs and more…

And here are some steps to take when dealing with dinosaur-like situations:

  1. Fully experience the feeling of your current experience, whether that’s frustration, joy, depression, happiness, doubt, or calm.
  2. Tap into your power by remembering your IAMX: who you are at your best (your most abundantly powerful and joyful self) AND the drama of the situation (your frustrations, doubts, and fears).
  3. Use the perspective of your powerful self to SEE the opportunity within ‘what is’ (your current dinosaur experience) and to clarify what you want. (You won’t be able to see the gift of ‘what is’ if you are feeling powerless.)
  4. When you are clear (about what you want, free from frustration and doubt), opportunities WILL start to appear.
  5. Act from your powerful self so that you are more aligned with who you are and the gifts you bring to your work and life.

The key here is to face what you find frustrating, use that to inspire passion and purpose in your work and life, remember the truth and power of who you really are (your IAMX), and move forward from a place of power and choice. Once you get clear of what I call Drama (fear and scarcity perspectives), new and better opportunities will start to appear!

Let me know in the comments section below: what challenges are you facing re working with dinosaurs (or turtles), and taking the steps above to move beyond the limitations of your current experience and make a change so you can BE your best!

And if you’d like more information and guidance on how to “deal with dinosaurs” please feel free to contact me.