I am going to share with you the Top 3 cultural traps that sabotage success related to innovation and growth.

All of these traps are based on a singular focus on survival. The problem is your Cultural Identity determines whether you have the capacity to move from your current situation into greater revenue growth.

Here’s the thing – a culture in survival mode limits everything you do by keeping you in surviving, instead of stepping into thriving. So here are the 3 cultural traps that keep you stuck.

The First trap is: I am a Firefighter

This identity is great for getting things done but focus on fighting fire that means people move urgently to put off fire so there is no time for new solutions, or energy for smart growth strategies because people are busy reacting to fires.

The second trap is: I am a Problem Solver

This identity is great at fixing issues, but a focus on solving problems may mean that your employees’ look for problems to continue to solve problems. When this approach applied to people, especially people in other groups then others get blamed for problems which makes collaboration extremely difficult.

The third trap is: I am Getting Better

This identity is great because its motivates people to compete because you are striving for better. But striving rarely means arriving, which means that people always feel like that behind or never really good enough. This is the perfect formula for employees to become stressed, frazzled, demoralized and I’m sure you know the cost of that in terms of sick time and attrition.

A company in survival mode tries to grow by...

Working Harder and Doing More

The fact is this approach always leads to reactivity, blame, and burn out because you are coming from a limited place.

Are any of these traps looking familiar in your business environment? Don’t worry, if so because you are not alone.

I’ve worked with leaders who have replaced these traps with shifts that create an increase in both innovation and growth.

And the change doesn’t have to be complicated because IAMX keeps it simple and achievable.

One key step can break you and your teams free from the limitations of a survival culture and that step is to create a Genius Culture by adding Working Smarter to Working Harder.

The key step is to add Working Smarter to the best parts of a survival culture so that everyone is a Strategic Leader and you increase your capacity to innovate and grow.

See, with this approach you are already half way there!

Genius Culture looks like Everyone is Engaged as if the business is theirs and they influence and collaborate so innovative work gets done.

Everyone is Accountable and Confident in who they are and in their value and talents, so people stay and you maximize the ROI of your current human resources.

Everyone is Proactively Stretching into the next best version of themselves and the business.

Yes, Genius culture means personal growth is connected to business growth. Wouldn’t your millennial employees want to be part of a genius culture? In fact, wouldn’t MOST of your employees appreciate using their genius talents to impact YOUR business?

IAMX is effective because it’s a single, simple, repeatable, reliable process that scales seamlessly for individuals, teams and entire organizations to consistently create growth, innovation, resilience, completed projects, and extreme retention.

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