Take an active role in transforming the way we work and live!

As Einstein so beautifully stated: “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

Given the consistent, persistent state of our languishing economy, I’m convinced that conscious creators are going to be the ones to lift us out of the economic doldrums. It’s time to think about work anew!

Are you a conscious creator?


Not sure if you are a conscious creator? Here are some indicators:

  • You take responsibility for your thoughts and behaviors
  • You understand the attractive power of your life-force energy
  • You know that positive and hopeful emotions fuel your dreams

You may be a Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, Pagan… You may or may not be comfortable with the word ‘Spiritual’.

You know that how you think and act matters. You resonate with the idea that ‘we vote every day.’

And you are ready to participate in creating a new way, because you want to make a difference.

Bringing conscious creation to your career can be a challenge

We know it can be tricky to make a difference … For example, you may have read Echart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’ and got excited about expanding your consciousness, but are stalled in knowing how to apply these ideas to work and business.

That’s why we provide career help in the form of:

  • Our free True Self Assessment which shows you the extent to which you are able to consciously align with your brilliant, talented, resourceful, capable, resilient, creative, loving, abundant self – and in the process create meaningful and profitable work experiences,
  • lots of free tools on our IAM website,
  • online learning and coaching to support you in being a leader of new and healthier ways of working that create success for EVERYONE.

What can you do now?

In the meantime, there are steps you can take now to make a difference:

  1. Reduce the stress in your life. It is very difficult to make conscious choices when you live in fear and drama.
  2. Imagine the world as you want it to be. Pick one or two specific things that you want to see happening. Don’t worry about all that is wrong!
  3. Decide to make conscious choices every day. Intend for your choices to contribute to creating what you want to see in the world.
  4. Include your own healing/learning. Trying to fix others is not attractive! Make choices personally relevant to keep your conscious creation ‘clean.’
  5. Know what path you are on. Have a process you can use every day to guide the transformation of your choices and the path you are on.

Building a bridge between conscious creation and business

Conscious Creators Connect the Personal and Practical

It can be difficult when you first bring the concepts of attraction or a new way of working into the mainstream world of profit obsessed business and data focused rationalism. We know!

That’s why the framework we have created with the IAM Maps provides a link between the most personal and the very practical of the business world.

For example, the IAMX Compass guide you to examine both personal and professional values. When personal and professional values are in conflict, you abdicate your ability to be a conscious creator…

We provide guidance aligning your personal and professional values, and address the personal healing and learning that may be needed to truly honor your hearts’ desires and to follow your conscious creator career path.

Learn how to talk about what matters


Conscious Creators Make Heart Connections

The IAMX Compass and coaching further guide you in ways to talk about your values and work in practical ways that make sense in the rational world of business, while at the same time bringing heart and meaning to the conversation.

We honor the best of both the personal and practical!

What conscious choices are you choosing to make today?

What are the challenges you are facing being a conscious creator?