Brain Training Exercise

Most people don't realize they've experienced Drama until after it has happened; that’s why it can feel like it’s inevitable or you can’t do anything about it but react.

Brain-training, sometimes called meditation, allows you to develop the ability to observe your brain at work and notice when your mind is calm versus when your thoughts are in chaos or other kinds of unrest.

Brain-training gives you the opportunity to practice awareness --- of your state of being: calm Best Self or chaotic Drama or even a combination. When are aware you can practice choosing which thoughts to focus on based on what's useful, or not!

When you practice choosing your thoughts you are learning to flip from Drama to your Best Self. You are building the skill needed to consciously choose and create your meaningful work and life. Thus you'll shift from unconsciously reacting to Drama to thoughtfully responding.

Ultimately you'll learn to proactively and powerfully create from your Best Self, exactly what you want or something better.‌

Access the IAMX Brain Training Exercise here.