7 Key Practices For Keeping the Faith

You’ve figured out what you want with your career, it feels exciting, and a bit daunting. How do you keep the faith and keep feeling essential?


The following are the 7 key practices I have discovered for keeping the faith. I’ve experienced significant turning points with every single one. When combined and used daily, you will tap into your most essential power.

First a caveat: Your success is inevitable, sooner or later. These practices are not intended to make your success happen; your success became a given when you discovered what you wanted. Instead, the practices are designed to align your essential Life energy with your desires (ongoing), so the process of manifesting your dreams is as fun and easy as possible.

7 Key Practices for Keeping the Faith:

  1. Be Grateful – Gratitude is the perfect way to align with the infinite abundance of Life that is your essential life-force energy. Be grateful for what you have and you will see all the ways that Life is already providing you with exactly what you want and need.
  2. Handle Drama – Whatever your favorite flavor of drama (self-doubt, worry, family crisis), it will make an appearance as you move toward your precious desires. Welcome and learn from drama, and you will quickly and easily transform it from an obstacle to a pathway forward.
  3. Feel Alive – Proactively connect with your essential best by remembering your values, strengths and motivations. Embody your essential best by feeling the essential life-force energy that flows through you, using tools such as meditation, acupuncture, and massage.
  4. Set Boundaries – Boundaries can be used to focus your Best Self energies on your desires. E.g., I recently decided to work solely with collaborators with affiliate systems. My energy isn’t wasted manually tracking commissions and my desire for sharing abundance is ensured!
  5. Visualize Daily – Imagination is one of your most powerful tools for keeping the faith. Just 5 – 10 minutes a day of visualizing your wishes coming true, and you will feel the essential nature of your dreams. Start with visualizing feeling happy and fill in with a few essential details.
  6. Get Support – There is nothing like an inspiring book, movie, friend, quote or coach to keep you on track. Stay away from people who don’t believe or experiences that might bring you down. Expect Life to support your dreams and you will start seeing evidence everywhere!
  7. Take Action – Don’t worry about correct or efficient action, but instead focus on pleasurable, feel-good action. Life will provide you with the guidance you need. Your work is to move forward, be open to Life’s gentle nudges, and enjoy the process of learning!

When combined, these 7 practices serve to give you an experience of what you want now. The gap rapidly closes between the ‘reality’ of your experience today and the future you desire. You will focus on the very real evidence of how what you want is already happening. This evidence will increase every day until – viola! You are living your dreams!