The I AM Documentary is a great introduction to the IAMX Approach to Success…


Tom Shadyac, writer and director of the I AM Documentary

Since we’ve named our approach to success IAMX, we’re always intrigued by anyone working with the language of IAM. I saw Oprah interview Tom Shadyac, the creator of the I AM Documentary, and was really excited. The synergies between the movie and IAMX are beautiful…

Tom Shadyac is a very successful writer and director, who created a series of hit comedy movies.

After a life threatening accident, Shadyac realized that even though he was professionally successful, he didn’t feel like his life was a true reflection of what felt good and right to him.

He radically simplified his life, and went on to explore some basic questions in the I AM Documentary: what’s wrong with the world and what can we do about it?

Tom says that our cultural definition of success is typically based on job status and wealth, when real success is based on more “intrinsic” indicators like love, kindness and community.

Tom believes that what is wrong with the world is based on cultural beliefs rooted in competition, where we see the wealthy CEO as more successful than the janitor or the artist.


Humans, like animals, are naturally cooperative

In exploring what we can do about what’s wrong, Tom discovered scientific research that shows it is human nature to be cooperative rather than competitive.

Further, science has shown that nothing in nature takes more than it needs. Indeed, when something does take more than it needs, it’s called cancer.

Tom also shows scientific evidence that the entire human race is connected. Which implies that what one individual does has a broader impact that most of us can imagine.


Follow Your Heart and Become the Author of Your Life

The documentary also poses the idea that if you don’t do what your heart wants you to do and follow your passions, it will destroy you. In other words, if you don’t do what you love, you die a little every day.

Shadyac suggests that we carry on the conversation about solving the worlds problems in two ways:

  1. Challenge each other to be the authors of our own lives.
  2. Ask ourselves the question “who am I”?

I agree and I’ve been posing the “Who are you?” question to clients since 2005. With the IAMX Compass and IAMX’s Leadership and Career Essentials program, we walk people through creating a “Your Essential Flight Plan“, and the learning process guides them in being the authors of their lives.


Some Beliefs Get In The Way

We have identified 2 beliefs that are obstacles to following your passion. They are the source of unhealthy competition (not all competition is bad) and the source of struggle in answering the “who am I” question:

The I AM Documentary

  1. The belief that ‘I am not enough’ which might look like ‘not good enough, or worthy enough’ … is the source of taking more than we need and unhealthy competition.
  2. The belief that ‘I am my drama’ which might look like ‘my doubts, or my fears’ … is the source of all struggle answering the “who am I’ question.

We guide people in shifting these core beliefs in two ways:

  1. Have an alternative to the ‘I am not enough’ belief. That alternative is based in abundance and always starts with:
  2. I have more than enough … money, time, food, resources of any kind
  3. I am more than enough right now … worthy, deserving, good (no waiting to get to heaven!)
  4. Have an alternative to the ‘I am my drama’ belief. We provide that alternative with the True Self process which provides ways to:
  5. Remember the real you, your IAM, what we call your essential best.
  6. Shift from identifying with the drama that happens in your life, to identifying with your IAM, the IAM.

You can dive into your IAM and shifting these core beliefs by signing up for our Define Your True Self course.

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Or you can get started right here, right now. When you consider the question ‘who am I’, how do you respond? What gets in the way of your being confident about your IAMX?

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