I recently did a Google search of articles on decision making to help a client group get clear on how they want to make decisions and was disappointed to find the information to be mechanistic and entirely rational. I shouldn’t be surprised – the old way of leading that tries to control and predict everything is alive and well! Here’s a classic example:

Rational Decision Making

The problem with data based and singularly rational decision making processes is that they don’t provide guidance on how to tap into your best human qualities: intuition and empathy. They keep individuals and businesses trapped in the separation and self-interest that inhibits collaboration. Disconnect from your heart and soul leads you down a slippery slope, farther and farther away from integrity. In the language of IAM, entirely rational decisions keep you stuck in Drama.

There’s a simple way to remedy this problem so you can be more humane in your decisions: use a list of questions as part of your deciding that keeps you tapped into your heart, highest guidance, and the greater good.

Here is a list of “choice questions” that you can use to create more holistic success in your decision making processes:

  • Will this choice be coming from my Best Self (love and abundance) or from Drama (fear and scarcity)?
  • Will this choice honor both my rational sensibilities and what my intuition is telling me?
  • Will this choice have me looking at what’s right or looking at what’s wrong?
  • Will this choice bring out the Best Self of everyone involved?
  • Will this choice add to my life-force energy or drain me of life-force energy?
  • Will this choice have me standing in my power or trying to please another / avoiding conflict?
  • Will this choice be in alignment with how I want to contribute to the world?
  • Will this choice propel me toward an inspiring future or keep my stuck in the past?
  • Will this choice open a door to my vision?
  • Will this choice benefit future generations?
  • Will this choice use the current situation as a catalyst to grow and evolve or use it to beat myself up?
  • Will this choice empower me or dis-empower me and others?
  • Will this choice be in harmony with our community, our stakeholders, and the planet?
  • Will this choice follow that my heart is telling me?
  • Will this choice allow me to be at peace?
  • Will this choice be a mobilization of my Best Self energies?
  • Will this choice lead to authentic action steps, for me personally and for our business?

Which of these questions will be most useful to you? What questions would you add to the list? I’m curious to know your thoughts – please share below!