Watch the video here as background to understand WHY branding is so important to True Self aligned work:

Ask yourself the following questions to get clear on your brand, whether you are an entrepreneur or you work within a corporate, non-profit, or other institution. Everyone needs to be clear on their brand:

INTERNAL FUEL – tap into your core

What is the essence of who you are at your best? What does it look like or feel like? (Know your Best Self.)

What values, strengths, or passions reflect the core of who you are? (Describe your Best Self.)

What is the essence of what you are selling or offering? (Know what will always remain the same about you.)

BRAND – create your brand intention

How do you want to be known? (Create your brand.)

How are you perceived by others or by the market? (Test and tweak your brand.)

What kind of personality do you want to project ongoing? (Evolve your brand.)

AUDIENCE – know who you are talking to

Who has the most success with your talents or offerings? (Know your target market.)

Who do you want talking about you? (Networking and partnering.)

Who do you want buying from you or hiring you? (Refine target market.)

PROBLEM – know people’s pain points and what they say they want

What do people want when they buy from you or hire you? (Identify market wants.)

What are the problems you are really good at solving? (Identify market wants.)

SOLUTION – know what people actually need and how you can help

What end results do people need from you? (Identify market needs.)

How will people’s pain be resolved? (Identify market needs.)

DIFFERENTIATION – don’t let the market define you

How are you unique? (Know how you stand out.)

How will you continue to be different? (Have fun with the evolution of your brand.)

Answer these branding question, and you will know how to market yourself no matter who it is you are targeting.

Questions? Bring them on below… !